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Lotter Auction Service
October Online Auction With 2 Estates and Added Consignments * Bidding Closed * - October 18th thru Thursday October 24th 2019 @ 7 p.m.

Item Description
1.Screen Print Kit.  Brand New, Never Opened.

2.3 (New) Nivea Care and Cocoa Butter, 16.9 Fl. Oz. Each.

3.2 (New) Nivea In-Shower Cocoa Butter Body Lotion, 13.5 Fl. Oz. Each.

4.Red Metal 2-Tier Basket with Various Salt and Pepper Shakers.

6.2 (New) Eucerin Baby Cream, 5.0 Oz. Each.

7.2 (New) Nivea Man Body Wash, 16.9 Fl. Oz. Each.

8.2 (New) Eucerin Healing Cream, 4 Oz. Each.

9.(New) Aquaphor Baby Healing Ointment, 7 Oz.

10.(New) Eucerin Advanced Repair Lotion, 16.9 Fl. Oz.

11.2 (New) Nivea Men Moisturizing Post Shave Balm, 3.3 Fl. Oz. Each.

12.(New) Eucerin Healing Lotion, 8.4 Fl. Oz. Each.

13.(New) Eucerin Redness Relief Night Cream, 1.7 Oz.

14.(New) Nivea Man Protective Lotion, 2.5 Fl. Oz.

15.4 (New) Nivea Body Lotion, 2.5 Fl. Oz. Each.

16.3 (New) Ban Antiperspirant Deodorant, 2.6 Oz. Each.

17.2 Inspirational Wall Plaques, 11" x 11".

18.Electric Wax Warmer.  Works (Gently Used).

19.2 (New) Eucerin Advanced Repair Hand Cream, 2.7 Oz.

20.Lighted "Pray" Wall Decor (6" T x 23" W).

21.New Dash Sports Blender.

22.(New) Nivea Care and Cocoa Butter Body Butter, 16.9 Fl. Oz. 

23.(New) Nivea In-Shower Body Lotion, 13.5 Fl. Oz.

24.Vintage Nail Keg (19" T x 10" Diam.)

25.(New) Jergens Oil-Infused Deep Restoring Argan, 21 Fl. Oz.

26.(New) Jergens Natural Glow, Medium to Tan Skin Tones, 4 Fl. Oz.

27.(New) Jergens Natural Glow Wet Skin Moisturizer, Fair to Medium Skin Tone, 7.5 Fl. Oz.

28.New Dash Pocket and Omelet Maker.  Works.

29.2 Metal Vases (10 1/2" and 13" T).

30.(New) Soothing Aloe Moisturizer, 21 Fl. Oz.

31.(New) Jergens Nourishing Honey Dry Skin Moisturizer, 21 Fl. Oz.

32.2 Pair of Headphones.

33.(New) Jergens Natural Glow, Fair to Medium Skin Tones, 4 Fl. Oz.

34.Large Foam Wedge (24" W x 26" T), Some Smudges on Cover.

35.Jergens Natural Glow Wet Skin Moisturizer, Fair to Medium, 7.5 Oz.

36.Jergens Color Primer In-Shower Scrub, 5.5 Oz.

37.Jergens Ultra Healing Moisturizer, 21 Oz.

38.Small Sunbeam Heating Pad (9" x 9").  Works.

39.Jergens Original Scent Moisturizer, 26.5 Oz.

40.Andis Bonnet Dryer.  Works.

41.(New) Grilled Cheese Toaster.

42.(New) Shaved Ice Maker.

43.4 Jergens Ultra Healing Moisturizer, 1 Oz. Each.

44.Jergens Natural Glow, Fair to Medium Daily Moisturizer, 10 Oz.

45.Jergens Natural Glow Wet Skin Moisturizer, Fair to Medium, 7.5 Oz.

46.Jergens Instant Sun, Deep Bronze, 6 Oz.

47.Kiss Full Coverage Salon Bonnet Hair Dryer.  Gently Used, Works.

48.Jergens Wet Skin Moisturizer Coconut Oil, 10 Oz.

49.(Like New) 1.2 L Ceramic Kettle.

50.(New)  "Mr. Coffee" Coffee Pot.  Out of Box.

51.3-Tier Wire Hanging Basket.

52.Flawless Legs Hair Remover.  Works (Opened Box).

53.G-Shock and Other Men's Watches, 11 Total in Storage Box (Glass Top To Storage Box is Cracked).

54.3 Ban Solid Deodorant/Antiperspirant, 2.6 Oz.

55.Omron Electronic Blood Pressure Cuff (Electric or Battery).

56.Drink Master and Party Glasses.

57.Schick Intuition F.a.b. Razor.

58.4 Nivea 48-Hr Almond Oil Moisturizer, 2.5 Oz. Each.

59.Jergens Instant Sun, Light Bronze Tanless Tanning Mousse, 6 Oz.

60.2 Nivea Soft Face/Body/Hand Cream, 6.8 Oz. Each.

61.2 Pks. of 3 total Aquaphor Lip Repair, .35 Oz. Each.

62.Assorted Kitchen Wares.

63.Flawless Facial Hair Remover.

64.Kiss Blow Dryer with 4 Attachments.  Works, Like New.

65.Nivea Orchid and Argan Oil Lotion, 16.9 Oz.

66.700-Watt Microwave (17" W).

67.Flawless Brows Hair Remover.  Opened Box.

68.Large Number of Assorteed Baseball Cards.

69.Large Number of Basketball Cards.

70.Schick Intuition F.a.b. Razor.

71.Macy's King Bedding Set (108" x 90"), Including Bedspread, Bed Skirt, 4 Shams, and 5 Decorative Pillows.  Bedspread Gently Used.

72.Large Number of Assorted Baseball Cards.

73.Large Number of Baseball Cards.

74.Sports Cards Storage Sheets and Plastic Boxes.

75.Power Pro Air Fryer.  Works (Gently Used).

76.Pretty Wall Mirror with Coat Hooks (36" W).

77.Jergens Ultra Healing Lotion, 32 Oz.

78.Jergens Instant Sun, Light Bronze Sunless Tanning Mousse.

79.4 Jergens Wet Skin Moisturizer, 2 Oz. 

80.Large Lot of Assorted Baseball Cards.

81.Schick Intuition F.a.b. Razor.

82.4 Jergens Ultra Healing Lotion, 1 Oz. Each.

83.Jergens Wet Skin Moisturizer, Med. to Tan, 7.5 Oz.

84.2-Piece Votive Decor Items, Hanging 22" W, Table Top 19" W.

85.Flawless Legs Hair Remover.  Works (Opened Box).

86.Jergens Natural Glow, Fair to Med. Moisturizer, 10 Oz.

87.Kiss Power File/Nail Dryer.  Works (Used).

88.Assorted New Hair Products and More.

89.Flawless Brows Hair Remover.  Opened Box.

90.Jergens + Firming Moisturizer, Med. to Tan, Reduces the Appearance of Cellulite, 7.5 Oz.

91.Inspirational Family Wall Decor (11" x 23").

92.Bialetti Ceramic Electric Coffee Pot.  Works, Like New.

93.Andis 1" Ceramic Professional Flat Iron.  Works, Gently Used.

94.Sunbeam Heating Pad (12" x 15"), Works.

95.Pretty Glass Base Table Lamp (21").

96.3 Ban Solid Deodorant/Antiperspirant, 2.6 Oz. Each.

97.2 Boxes (100 Count Total) Latex Exam Gloves.

98.20 Sturdy Wood Hangers.

99.Lighted Village Accessories.

100.Large Arctic Zone Cooler Bag (17" W x 15" D x 10" T), Gently Used.

101.Jergens Aloe Lotion, 21 Oz.

102.4 Corded Bulb Lights With Inline Switches.  Bulbs Are Large (4 1/2" Diam.)

103.New Bike and Ladder Lift.

104.2 Pretty Northlight Boxwood Artificial Decor Bushes (12" Diam.)

105.20 (New) CD/DVD Cases.


107.4-Qt. Crockpot with Timer.  Like New, Works.

108.2 Dressy Scarves.

109.Assurance Disposable Briefs, 40-Count (S/M).

110.4 Very Cute Metal and Wood Old Ceiling Tile Patterned Decor Plaques.

111.3 Wall Clocks (8 1/2" Diam.)

112.Brain Teaser Puzzles.

114.Andis Hair Dryer.  New (Opened Box).

115.2 Children's Headphone Sets (Untested).

116.Taylor Body Composition Digital Scale.  Works, Like New (No Manual).

117.(New) Super Stink Lab Kit for Fun Experiment.  Opened Box.

118.Very Cute Metal Laundry Room Sign (27 1/2" x 10 1/4").

119.Farberware 3-Piece Non Stick Fry Pan Set.  Gently Used.

120.Golf-Themed Throw Blanket (50" x 64").

121.Andis Ceramic Flat Iron and Blow Dryer.  Works, Gently Used.

122.Assurance Disposable Briefs, 40-Count (S/M).

123.(New) Taylor Non-Slip Digital Sale.  Opened Box.

124.4 Jergens Wet Skin Moisturizers 

1000.Black & Decker Cyclone Blender with Glass Mixer Container (Used).

1001.2 Nivea Foaming Oil Body Wash (13.5 Oz. Each).

1002.Counter Top Utensil Caddy (Used).

1003.Eucerin Baby Wash/Shampoo (13.5 Oz. Each).

1004.Vintage Glass Table/Nightstand Lamp (15" T).

1005.2 Nivea Men Sensitive Shaving Gel (7 Oz. Each).

1006.Comforter, 2 Shams and Bed Skirt (King 104 x 88).  Gently Used.

1007.Eucerin Very Dry Skin Lotion (13.5 Oz.)

1008.OXO Good Grips Slicer Set.  Like New.

1009.2 Nivea Men Sensitive Shampoo/Body Wash (16.9 Oz. Each).

1010.4 Nivea Deep Moisture Serum (2.5 Oz. Each)

1011.Eucerin Healing Lotion (8.4 Oz.)

1012.Eucerin Roughness Relief Lotion (16.9 Oz.)

1013.Sports Sign (18").

1014.Woven Basket with Handles (16 1/2" x 13" x 7").

1015.Jergens Natural Glow Wet Skin Moisturizer (7.5 Oz.), Med. to Tan.

1016.2 Eucerin Baby Lotions (13.5 Oz. Each)

1017.Schick Intuition F.A.B. Razor.

1018.4 Jergens Wet Skin Moisturizers (2 Oz. Each).

1019.3-Pack of Nivea Cocoa Butter Lotion (16.9 Oz. Each)

1020.Nivea Skin Firming Lotion (16.9 Oz.)

1021.3-Qt. Instant Pot with Box and Manual.  Gently Used.

1022.Kiss Salon Bonnet 1875 Hair Dryer.  Works, Like New.

1023.Andis Hair Trimming Kit.  Works, Like New.

1024.Andis 1875 W. Styler Dryer.  Like New, Works.

1025.(2) VO5 Normal/Dry Hair Dressing Cream, 1.5 Oz. Each.

1026.(New) Water Pick Water Flosser.  Opened Box.

1027.Jergens Deep Restoring Argan Lotion (16.8 Oz.)

1028.Very Cute 3-Piece Woven Lidded Box Set.  Largest is 13 1/2" x 8" x 10 1/2" T.

1029.Jergens Soothing Aloe Moisturizer (21 Oz.)

1030.3 Ban Solid Antiperspirant/Deodorant (2.6 Oz. Each).

1031.Jergens Coconut Lotion (16.8 Oz).

1032.King-Size Sunbeam Heating Pad (12" x 24").

1033.Jergens Ultra Healing Moisturizer (21 Oz.)

1034.4 Jergens Ultra Healing Moisturizers (1 Oz. Each).

1035.Jergens Natural Glow Moisturizer, Med. to Tan (10 Oz.)

1036.Jergens Long Lasting Moisturizer (32 Oz.)

1037.Soap Container Le Bain (The Bath).

1038.Farberware Coffee Maker (4 Cups), Used.  Good For Camping.

1039.Large Coleman XTreme 6 Cooler (120 Qt.)  Has crack on the outside that does not go all the way through and will not affect the functionality of the cooler.

1040.2 VO5 Normal/Dry Hair Conditioning Creams (1.5 Oz Each).

1041.3 Ban Solid Deodorant/Antiperspirants (2.6 Oz. Each)

1042.New Copperfit Compression Socks (Men's Shoe Size 9-12/Lady's Shoe Size 10-13).

1043.Anna Griffin Cuttle Bug, 5 Embossing Folders, Set of Embossing Frames, 1 Butterfly Die, Set of Plates.

1044.Assorted Kitchen Wares.

1045.Elegant Yankee Candle Warmer (Works).

1046.Computer or TV Stand, Along With Organizer and Desk Lamp.

1047.(2 Boxes of 50 Each) Nitrile Exam Gloves.

1048.2 Black and White Storage Containers (13" x 15" x 13" T)  and 1 Sandusky Redskins Blanket.

1049.Lovely Vinyl World Map (78 3/4" x 55") with Storage Tube.

1050.Strobe Light and Winter Sled Decor (Lights Up).

1051.4 Jergens Wet Skin Moisturizer (2 Oz. Each)

1052.Hanging Kitchen Organizer System from Ikea (20" W).

1053.Kiss Ceramic Flat Iron.  Works, Like New.

1054.Homedics Foot Spa (Used).

1055.2 Aquaphor Healing Ointments, 2 In Each Box (.35 Oz. Each)

1056.Jergens Aloe Lotion (21 Oz.)

1057.Very Nice Wenzel Portable Picnic Set in Carrying Case.

1058.Jergens Ultra Healing Moisturizer (1 Oz.)

1059.Jergens Natural Glow Moisturizer, Fair to Medium (10 Oz.)

1060.10" and 12" Red Copper Fry Pans.  Gently Used.

1061.Intuition F.a.b. Razor.

1062.2 Wireless Sony Game Controllers.

1063.Very Cute Barn Wood Look Serving Tray (17 1/2" x 14").

1064.2 VO5 Conditioning Hair Creams (1.5 Oz. Each)

1065.Jergens Natural Glow Wet Skin Moisturizer, Fair to Med.

1066.Food Saver Vacuum System.  Works (Opened Box).

1067.U.S. Fulton Flashlight.

1068.4 Jergens Wet Skin Moisturizers (2 Oz. Each).

1069.Assorted Kitchen Wares with Lidded Tupperware Bowls.

1070.(New) Levolor Roller Shades, 30" L.

1071.3 Metal Serving/Mixing Bowls (11"- 9 1/2"- and 9" Diam.)

1072.Six Star Showtime Fine Knife Set in Wood Block.  Not Complete But Some Very Nice Large Knives.

1073.Very Cute Woven Serving Tray (15" Diam.)

1074.Schick Intuition F.a.b. Razor.

1075.3 Ban Solid Deodorant/Antiperspirant.

1076.Kiss Blow Dryer with 4 Attachments.  Like New (Opened Box).

1077.Andis Hair Trimmer.  Works, Good Condition.

1078.4 Glass Spice Shaker Jars in Hanging Storage Rack (12 3/4" W), Used.

1079.Home Decor Including Hanging Votive Holders, Curtain Tie Backs, Card Board, and Baskets.

1080.11" Blue Diamond Frying Pan.  Like New.

1081.100-Count Vinyl Exam Gloves (L/XL).

1082.(New) 12" Red Copper Fry Pan.

1083.Jergens Aloe Lotion (21 Oz.)

1084.Polar Ware Stainless Steel Chafing Set- Professional Grade:
(1) 13" x 21", Has Extra Pan.
(1) 10" x 12", Has No Lid.

1085.100 Vinyl Exam Gloves (Size L/XL).

1086.18 Sturdy Wood Hangers.

1087.Pet/Shop Towels.

1088.12 New Round Tablecloths (82" Round).

1089.New 40-Pack of Assurance Briefs.

1090.Dog Toys And More In A Basket.

1091.Assorted Glasses and Ice Bucket.

1092.Assorted Towels for Pet or Shop.

1093.2 Paper Organizer Bins and Craft Supplies- Including Drawing Pencils and Stamps.

1095.White Bath Towel and 3 Hand Towels (Gently Used).

1096.2 GreenPan Sauce Pans.

1097.Pair of Polo Men's Shoes.

1098.Large Count Dinnerware Set.

1099.Kiss Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron.  Works (Opened Box).

1100.Photo Printer for Kodak Camera.

1101.20 Sturdy Wood Hangers.

1102.(New) 40-Pack of Assurance Briefs, Size S/M.

1103.Summer Flowers.

1104.(New) 2 Ring Toddler Blow Up Pool.

1105.2 Packs of Memorex CD-R and DVD-R.

1106.Assorted Coax Cords.

1107.New roller shade 32 inches long.

2000.Sports Sign 18".

2001.Multi-Rung Wall Mounted Drying Rack (31 1/2" W).

2002.2 (New) Nivea Bottles of Body Wash, 13.5 Oz Each.

2003.Dura Flame Electric Heater, 110 Volt.

2004.2 Pack Nivea Shaving Gel (7 Oz. Each).

2005.2 Eucerin Body Lotion, 13.5 Oz Each.

2006.2 Nivea Men Aloe Lotions, 16.9 Oz Each.

2007.2 Aquaphor Baby Wash/Shampoo, 8.4 Oz Each.

2008.2 Nivea Creams, 6.8 Oz Each.

2009.Aquaphor Healing Ointment (7 Oz.)

2010.Woven Hamper, Used, Stain on Lid.
Matches Lot #2027.

2011.4 Bottles of Nivea Deep Moisture Serum, 2.5 Oz Each.

2012.3 Bottles of Nivea Cocoa Butter, 16 Oz. Each.

2013.Eucerin Healing Lotion, 8.4 Oz.

2014.3 Tubes of Eucerin Hand Cream (2.7 Oz Each).

2015.Eucerin Healing Lotion (13.5 Oz)

2016.Nivea Men Deep Comforting After Shave Lotion (3.3 Oz)

2017.Jergens Aloe Lotion (21 Oz.)

2018.Jergens Instant Sun (6 Oz.)

2019.Jergens Natural Glow, Medium to Tan Skin Color (4 Oz.)

2020.Jergens Cherry-Almond Lotion (32 Oz.)

2021.2 New Lamp Shades, Brown (10" T).

2022.Jergens Soothing Aloe Lotion (21 Oz.)

2023.Lovely Table Lamp (26" T).

2024.Jergens Daily Moisturizer (26.5 Oz)

2025.Pretty Table Lamp (24" T).

2026.Andis 1875w Styler Dryer.  Works, Like New.

2027.Woven Laundry Hamper, Used.
Matches Lot #2010.

2028.Jergens Soothing Aloe Lotion (21 Oz.)

2029.Jergens Natural Glow, Skin Coloring Fair to Medium (4 Oz.)

2030.Jergens Shea Butter (16.8 Oz).

2031.(New) Lovely Artificial Plant, 36" T.

2032.Jergens Ultra Healing Lotion (21 Oz.)

2033.4 Jergens Wet Skin Moisturizer (2 Oz.)

2034.Jergens Natural Glow, Medium to Tan Skin Color (10 Oz.)

2035.Jergens Natural Glow Moisturizer, Medium to Tan Skin Color (7.5 Oz)

2036.(New) Pretty Artificial Plant, 41".

2037.Candice Olson Woven Hamper (22" T), Used.

2038.Fellowes PS45 Paper Shredder.  Works (Used).

2039.Home Decor Items, Magazine Rack and Pretty Office/Bathroom Trash Can.

2040.Nice Bamboo Wood Flatware Organizer Full of Flatware and More
(14 3/4" x 19 3/4").

2041.Monster Power Home Theater Power Center, HTS 1000 MK11.

2042.Set of Beige Lamps.

2043.Pettite and Powerful Blow Dryer.  Like New (Opened Box).

2044.LuLu Beauty Hot Tool Mat.  Opened Box.

2045.Lot of 9 Cook Books (Used).

2046.Assorted Kitchen Wares.

2047.White Canvas Shoes (Size 9 1/2).

2048.New Kiss Power File/Nail Dryer.

2049.Hamilton Beach Bread Maker.

2050.Pretty Shower Tension Rod (42"- 72").

2051.Queen-Size Comforter (Used Once).

2052.Marine Corp. Suitcase and Decorative Light.

2053.(New) Roller Shade, 30" L.

2054.900 Watt Microwave.  Works Good.

2055.Metal Washboard (Used).

2056.4 Jergens Ultra Healing Lotions (1 Oz. Each).

2057.4 Jergens Wet Skin Moisturizers (2 Oz. Each).

2058.2 Jergens Natural Glow Moisturizer (2 Oz. Each).

2059.(New) Micro Player Retro Arcade, 8" T.  Opened Box.

2060.Flawless Facial Hair Remover.

2061.Yamaha Receiver with Remote, Cinema DSP 30.

2062.6 Yamaha Surround Sound Speakers (5 are 10 1/2" T) and 
(1 is 19 1/2" T).

2063.Approx. 400 Nitrile Exam Gloves.

2064.Skin EEZ Hydrating Compression Socks, Large/XL, Calf 15 1/2" thru 20".

2065.Deck Rail Mounting Bird Feeder Hanger.

2066.Hair Dryer (Works).

2067.Battery-Operated Wahl Hair Trimmer, 2 Attachments.  Opened Box.

2068.Braun Ear Thermometer, Like New (Opened Box), Works.

2069.4 Jergens Ultra Healing Moisturizers (1 Oz. Each).

2070.Jergens Natural Glow Moisturizer, Med. to Tan (10 Oz.)

2071.Jergens Natural Glow Wet Skin Moisturizer (7.5 Oz)

2072.Pretty Silver Throw Blanket with Metallic Threads (50" x 70"), and Accent Pillow.

2073.Beach Towel and Large Assortment of Hair Accessories.

2074.(New) Roller Shade, 30" L.

2075.New Kiss Power File/Nail Dryer.

2076.Sunbeam Heating Pad (Works).

2077.Andis 1" Ceramic Professional Curved Edge Flat Iron (Works).

2078.100 Vinyl Exam Gloves (Size L/XL).

2079.Polar Care Cool Wrap System for After Surgery or Injury.  Used.

2080.2-Piece Bath Mat Set (Used).

2081.Thermogrip Glue Gun in Carrying Case (Used).

2082.Disposable Briefs 40-Count (S/M).

2083.Wahl Designer Clipper Set in Storage Case (Used).

2084.File Box with Hanging Files.

2085.Dart Game (Only 3 Darts).

2086.18 Sturdy Wood Hangers.

2087.Titan Deep Freeze Cooler, Soft Sided (19" W x 12" D x 13" T), Used.

2088.Tiffany Style Lamp.

2089.Air Walk Skis.

2090.2 Boxes (150 Total) Nitrile Exam Gloves.

2091.(New) Shower Head.  Opened Package.

2092.Plastic Bags (12" x 8").

2093.Yoga Mat and Block.

2094.New 37"- 70" TV Wall Mount.

2095.Disposable Briefs 40-Count (S/M).

2096.TDK DVD-R 1-16X/4.7 GB Discs (5" T stack).

2097.Keurig Stand with Drawer.

2098.(New) 10-Pk. of Decora Outlets.

2099.Large Insulated Tote (20" W x 14" D).

2100.Commercial kitchen sprayer new.

2101.48 inch wire shelf.

3000.Antique Table Mirror, Carvings, Dark Finish (36" W x 26" T).

3001.Nivea Men's Active Clean Charcoal Body Wash (16.9 Oz).

3002.Nivea Men's Active Clean Charcoal Body Wash (16.9 Oz).

3003.Jergens Aloe Lotion (21 Oz.)

3004.Jergens Ultra Healing Moisturizer (32 Oz.)

3005.Schick Intuition F.a.b. Razor.

3006.Authentic Bowling Pin.

3007.4 Jergens Wet Skin Moisturizers (2 Oz. Each).

3008.Jergens Natural Glow Fair to Med. Moisturizer (10 Oz.)

3009.Jergens Natural Glow Fair to Med. Moisturizer (7.5 Oz.)

3010.Jergens Instant Sun, Deep Bronze (6 Oz.)

3011.Jergens Natural Glow Fair to Med. Moisturizer (7.5 Oz.)

3012.Jergens Wet Skin Moisturizer with Coconut Oil (10 Oz.)

3013.50-Count 16x- 120 Min. Dynex DVD-R Discs.

3014.3 Ban Solid Deodorant/Antiperspirant (2.6 Oz)

3015.2 VO5 Conditioning Hair Cream (1.5 Oz. Each)

3016.Schick Intuition F.a.b. Razor.

3017.Cute Decor Farm Style Black Board (31 1/2" x 24") with Cute Door.  Track Brackets Missing On Bottom Of Door.

3018.Hanging Closet Organizer (13 1/2" W x 48" T).

3019.Doll House, Metal, with Original Furniture (21 1/2" W).

3020.Drum Cymbal Signed by ? (10 1/4" Diam.)

3021.Jergens Aloe Lotion (21 Oz.)

3022.3 Pretty Perfume Bottles (Mostly Full).

3023.Silver Serving Dish with Lid.  Needs to be polished.

3024.Jergens Natural Glow Fair to Med. Moisturizer (10 Oz.)

3025.Ertl Collectible Firestone Farm Tires Massey-Harris 1955 Die Cast Tractor 1998 (9" L).

3026.4 Jergens Ultra Healing Moisturizers (1 Oz. Each).

3027.Vintage Winsome Wood Serving Trays with Cast Iron Handles
(20" x 14") and (19" x 3"), 2 Piece.

3028.Jergens Natural Glow Wet Skin Moisturizer, Med. to Tan (7.5 Oz).

3029.Eucerin Roughness Relief Lotion (16.9 Oz).

3030.Nivea Body Wash (16.9 Oz.)

3031.Golden Gate Mantle Clock (8 1/2" T), Made in India.

3032.Assorted Coca-Cola Collectible Plates and Glasses.

3033.Very Cute Retro Phone Replica with Note Paper Storage Drawer.

3034.Ertl Collectible Firestone Farm Tires Massey-Harris 1955 Die Cast 1998 Tractor (9" L).

3035.Nivea Hibiscus After Shower Almond Oil (16.9 Oz.)

3036.Jergens Aloe Lotion (21 Oz.)

3037.4 Jergens Ultra Healing Moisturizers (1 Oz. Each).

3038.Kodak Carousel 650 Slide Projector.

3039.Jergens Ultra Healing Lotion (32 Oz.)

3040.4 Jergens Wet Skin Moisturizer (2 Oz. Each).

3041.Jergens Natural Glow Med. to Tan Moisturizer (7.5 Oz.)

3042.Pretty Metal 3-Piece Hanging Candle Wall Decor (30" W x 30" T).

3043.3 Ban Solid Deodorant/Antiperspirant.

3044.Vintage Printers Tray with Plexiglass Top (32 1/2" x 17").

3045.4 Pretty Glass Perfume Bottles (Various Levels of Fullness).

3046.Cast Iron Deep Fryer and Cast Iron Bacon Press with Wooden Handle, Taylor & Ng.

3047.4 Nivea Enriched Moisturizer Serum (2.5 Oz. Each).

3048.Vintage Red Enamelware Casserole Pan (10" x 14") and Cupcake Pans.

3049.Jergens Aloe Lotion (21 Oz.)

3051.Jergens Instant Sun Mousse, Light Bronze.

3052.2 VO5 Conditioning Hair Cream.

3053.Over 100 DVD-R Discs.

3054.Pretty Wall Decor in 3D Style (9" x 24").

3055.Andis Hair Clippers.  Work (Gently Used).

3056.Schick Intuition F.a.b. Razor.

3057.3 Ban Solid Antiperspirant/Deodorant.

3058.(New) Kiss Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron.

3059.Jergens Instant Sun, Deep Bronze (6 Oz.)

3060.Jergens Aloe Lotion (21 Oz.)

3061.Flawless Facial Hair Remover.

3062.Picture Frame with Matt (14" x 17").

3063.2 VO5 Conditioning Hair Cream (1.5 Oz. Each).

3064.Antique Snow Shoes.  In Great Condition.

3065.Pretty Metal Framed Serving Tray (18" x 18").

3066.Assorted Metal Vintage Kitchen Items.

3067.Assorted Used Towels.

3068.2 Pepsi Menu Boards (27" W x 25" T).

3069.1 Elsie Massey Original Doll (Limited Ed. 119/500)

3070.Cute Decor Farm Style Black Board with Door On Tracks (31 1/2" x 24").

3071.American Tourister Wheeled Garment Bag (42" x 23" x 4").  Was Stored So One End Is Dusty.

3072.Baseball Umpire Print (16" x 20").

3073.Large Floral Print (26" x 38").

3074.Vintage Gas Can.

3075.Antique Folding Ice Fishing Chair.  Works Good And Is Solid.

3076.Assorted Vintage Metal Items.

3077.Igloo Ultra Roller 60-Qt. Cooler On Wheels.

3078.44- Gal. Sterilite Tote with Wheels and Lid.  One Locking Lid Closure Missing.

3079.Bell & Howell 16mm Projector with Separate Speaker.
1 Roll of 16mm Film.  Contents Colonial Printer, Watercolor Painting, Robinson Caruso. These films are old school educational films

3500.(New) Silver Desk Lamp, 27" T.

3501.4 (New) Nivea Body Lotion, 2.5 Fl. Oz. Each.

3502.(New) Jergens Soothing Aloe Lotion, 21 Fl. Oz.

3503.(New) Small Desk Lamp, 16" T.

3504.Schlage Key Pad Dead Bolt (New in Box).

3505.Magazine Rack, Metal and Basket.

3506.(New) Jergens Natural Glow Wet Skin Moisturizer, Medium to Tan Skin Tones, 7.5 Fl. Oz.

3507.(New) Jergens Natural Glow Light Bronze Sunless Tanning Mousse,
6 Fl. Oz.

3508.4 (New) Jergens Wet Skin Moisturizer, 2 Fl. Oz. Each.

3509.Metal Decor Bucket (12" T x 12" Diam.)

3510.Metal 20" x 20" Picture Frame (4" x 4" Squares, 4 Pictures), 1 Glass Missing.

3511.4 (New) Jergens Ultra Healing Skin Moisturizer, 1 Fl. Oz. Each.

3512.Jergens Natural Glow Light Bronze Sunless Tanning Mousse,
6 Fl. Oz.

3513.(New) Jergens Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer, Fair to Medium Skin Tones, 10 Fl. Oz.

3514.Ardis Ultra Clippers, Like New, Opened Box, Works.

3515.(New) American Tourister Carry-On Bag.

3516.Rival Crock Pot Stoneware Slow Cooker, 8 Qt.

3517.Indoor/Outdoor Lighthouse USB Speaker with Light, 22" T.

3518.Hat Box and Round Suitcase.

3519.Lot of Baskets.

3520.4 (New) Nivea Body Lotions, 2.5 Fl. Oz. Each.

3521.(New) Jergens Soothing Aloe Moisturizer, 21 Fl. Oz.

3522.4 (New) Wet Skin Moisturizer, 2 Fl. Oz. Each.

3523.(New) Jergens Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer, Medium to Tan, 
10 Fl. Oz.

3524.Bed-In-Breakfast Tray with Legs (14" W x 22" L x 9" T).

3525.11 Gallon Clear Tote with Snap Lid.

3526.Coleman Cooler (24" L x 12" W x 15" D).  Has Damage on Lid (Still Good).

3527.27 Gallon Tough Tote HDX.

3528.Small 15 Qt. Sterilite Tote (Used).

3529.Yellow Corrugated Sign Board (8' L x 2' T).

3530.Paper Shredder.

3531.4-Tier Plant Stand (27" T).

3532.66 Qt. Tote.

3533.(New) Jergens Soothing Aloe Moisturizer, 21 Fl. Oz.

3534.Bed Serving Tray with Legs (14" x 22"), Used.

3535.3D 7"x13" Picture with 3 Purses in Shadow Box.

3536.Andis Ultra Close Hair Clippers Set.  Like New, Works.

3537.(9" x 17") Cardinal Picture by Daniel Heuer (Signed).  Used.

3538.Cutting Board (12" x 18"), Used.

3539.20 Gallon Sterilite Tote.

3540.Shock Doctor #875 Knee Brace With Metal Bars On The Outsides,
Size XXL, Used.

3541.6 Vintage Glass Light Globes (8 1/4" Diam. At Opened End).

3542.Flexi Retractible Dog Leash with Lock, Plus Collar.

3543.New Pots and Pans.

3544.Andis 2-Piece Hair/Beard Trimmer Set.

3545.16 1/2" x 14 1/2" Black Picture Frame (4" x 6" Picture Squares).
Frame Has Some Chips.

3546.(New) Jergens Natural Glow Wet Skin Moisturizer, Medium to Tan Skin Tones.

3547.Electric Fryer.  Works Great!

3548.200 Ct. Vinyl Exam Gloves (Size L/XL).

3549.2 Plush Burgundy Bath Mats, Plus 2 Candle Sconces.

3550.(New) Ultra-Thin HDTV Antenna Multi-Directional.

3551.Wall-Mounted Double Hooked Hanging Rack.

3552.Cuckoo Clock.

3553.(New) 12' Stereo Audio Video Cable.

3554.Wilton Baking Set, Juice Glasses, Assorted Mugs.

3555.The Workout Bar Set.

3556.Allen & Roth Brushed Nickle Finish Drapery Rod.

3557.(New) Jergens Soothing Aloe Moisturizer, 21 Fl. Oz.

3558.Large Umbrella.

3559.Rival Electric Dutch Oven.  Great for Camping.

3560.4 (New) Jergens Ultra-Healing Moisturizer, 1 Fl. Oz. Each.

3561.Signed Picture of Noah's Ark by Barbara Bosworth, 1994.

3562.Bissell Cordless Vacuum (Works).

3563.Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Brush, Extendable.

3564.Wheeled Base for Large Planter.

3565.Large Assortment of Acrylic Nails and Nail Accessories.

3566.Andis Ultra Close Hair Clipper Set.  Like New.

3567.Lot of 15 Misc. Frames of Different Sizes.

3568.Set of 2 Blue Multi-Colored Sofa Pillows (New).

3569.100 Vinyl Exam Gloves (Size L/XL).

3570.Doughboy Picture (13" x 16").  Used.

3571.Misc. Silver Plated Silverware.

3572.3 (New) Photo Frames, 23" T x 19" W.

3573.2 Pretty Gray Cafe Curtain Panels with 2 Tie Straps,
56" W x 92" L.

3574.Picture of a Squirrel (11" x 13").

3575.Digital Tire Pressure Gauges.

3576.2 Tupperware Snack Containers.

3577.Picture of a Mouse and Elephant (9" x 11").

3578.Pillsbury Doughboy Catalog (Used).

3579."My First Tooth" Doll 1947 TC Certificate with Wooden Handmade Cradle.

3580.Assorted Ashley Stewart Hangers.

3581.Magnavox Cam Corder with Case and Accessories (Strap Broken).
Velbon Vel-Flo 8 PH-258 Stand.

3582.GE CG 700 Cam Corder with Case and Accessories.

3583.2 Foldable Storage Cubes.  
Table Leg Covers (Brand New), Enough for 4 Chairs.
Baby Fish Mobile.

3584.Lexmark Printer and Copier.  Works.

3585.Box of Vases.

3586.New (Pack of 40) Equate Briefs.

3587.Box with Basket and Craft.

3588.Box of Vases.

3589.New (Pack of 40) Equate Briefs.

3590.Box of Wreaths.

3591.Box Lot of Glassware.

3592.Bag of Shoes, Size 8, Minnetonka Sandals.

3593.Pair of Porcelain Dolls.

3594.Box of Fall Decor.

3595.Box of Craft Things.

3596.Box of Ribbon.

3597.Box of Crafts.

3598.Box of Puzzles.

3599.Assorted Farberware Pots and Pans.

3600.Bag of Shopkins with Case, Bus, and Small Mart.

3601.Assorted Shop Towels.

3602.Assorted Shop/Pet Towels.

3604.Large Box of Assorted Legos.

3605.Pack of 2 (New) Cutter Insect Repellent.

3606.Andis High Heat Styling Brush.  Works, Like New.

3607.(New) Ian Miguel Indoor Tabletop Water Fountain (7" T x 5" W), Works.

3608.Multi-Colored Afghan (85" x 45"), Used.

3609.Yankee Candle Melt Cup Warmer (Works).

4000.Girl's 15-Speed Mountain Bike.  Ready To Ride.

4001.2 Propane Gas Tanks.

4002.Tow Bar, Custom Built, Inch 7/8 Ball, Used To Pull Chevy Truck.

4003.Rubbermaid Hand Cart, Positionable Handle, Rated for 500 Lbs.

4004.2-Drawer File Cabinet, Metal.

4005.(2) 1 1/2" x 9 1/2" x 10' Rough Sawed Planks, Beech Wood.

4006.10 Rough Sawed Beech (1 1/2" x 6" x 9').

4007.2 Rough Sawed Beech (1" x 15" x 10').

4008.6 Rough Sawed Beech (1" x 12" x 8' 6").

4009.4 Rough Sawed Maple (1 1/2" x 6" x 11' 6").
13 Rough Sawed Beech (1" x 6" x 11' 6").

4010.4 Rough Sawed Maple (1" x 6" x 10' 6").

4011.8 Rough Sawed Beech (1" x 9" x 8').

4012.7 Rough Sawed Beech (1" x 6" x 8').

4013.Thule Mountaineer Cargo Pod (Part #04829), Includes Key, Like New, with Bar Mounts.
Yakima Load Bars, Fit Small Import Car, Key/Locks and Rubber Rests Included.

4014.8' L x 23" W Cherry Board, 1 1/4" Thick Live Edge.

4015.8' L x 23" W Split Cherry Board, 1 1/4" Thick Live Edge.

4016.Fiberglass Pickup Cap (72 3/4" W x 83 1/2" L), Sliding Windows Front and Sides- All Work, Blue, Decent Condition.

4017.Thule Car Top Cargo Pod (53" x 32"), No Key.

4018.2 Outdoor Chairs.

4019.4-Shelf Shelving Unit.

4020.5-Shelf Shelving Unit (72" T).

4021.5-Shelf Shelving Unit (72" T).

4022.5-Shelf Shelving Unit (72" T).

4023.4-Shelf Shelving Unit (57" T).

4024.4-Shelf Shelving Unit (57" T).

4025.5-Shelf Shelving Unit (72" T).

4026.Rolling Food Bar (69" L x 27" D x 36" T).

4027.Stainless Steel Rolling Cart (28" x 24" x 36" T).

4028.3-Drawer Filing Cabinet (34" T).

4029.2 Milk Crates.

4030.Red Bin (24" L x 16" W x 16" D).

4031.Rolling Dish Cart.

4032.Outdoor Stool (28" T).

4033.Charcoal Grill (36" L), on Wheels.  Good Condition, Not Rusted Out.

4034.Store Display Rack (19" D x 17" W x 56" T).

4035.2 Bikes.

4036.2 Edgers, 1 Shovel.

4037.2 Snow Shovels.

4038.2 Shovels.

4039.2 Shovels.

4040.2 Gravel Rakes.

4041.Metal Gate.

4042.Antique 25' Straight Fire Department Ladder (Off Of A 1930's American LaFrance from Detroit Area).

4043.Ford 4000 Three Cylinder Diesel Tractor with Loader,
Serial Number D1414C 2B10B C328962.
Clutch Slipping, Needs TLC.

4044.2003 Dodge Caravan (108,199 Miles),starts inconsistently and stalls sometimes ,
All Brakes Replaced 6-2019.  New Battery 10-2018. *Note: Payment must be in the form of cash for this item. Payment is to be made with Lotter Auction Service in Sandusky Michigan for this vehicle on our regularly scheduled pick up days.

4046.2005 Pontiac Montana SV6 Mini Van (186,492 Miles).  Runs Great.  Has ABS Light On and Exhaust Leak one tire has a slow leak. *Note: Payment must be in the form of cash for this item. Payment is to be made with Lotter Auction Service in Sandusky Michigan for this vehicle on our regularly scheduled pick up days.

4047.1989 Starcraft Coach Trailer (20 Ft. Long).  All Appliances Work, A/C Works Good, Pulls Easy, Good Tires.  One Owner, Well Maintained. *Note: Payment must be in the form of cash for this item. Payment is to be made with Lotter Auction Service in Sandusky Michigan for this vehicle on our regularly scheduled pick up days.

4048.2008 Chevy impala retired police car 98,800 miles drives and runs good black beauty 3900 engine. *Note: Payment must be in the form of cash for this item. Payment is to be made with Lotter Auction Service in Sandusky Michigan for this vehicle on our regularly scheduled pick up days.

4049.56 Ford 600 runs great comes set of extra loaded tires.

4050.10 pallets.

4051.10 pallets.

4052.10 pallets.

4053.4x4’s and 6x6’s assorted lengths.

4100.30”x 11'  11"  16 gauge Culvert pipe.

4300.(7 Pcs) 6' R-Panel Barn Steel.

4301.(2) 4',  (2) 3',  (7) 2' Red Barn Steel.

4302.(20) 4' Green Barn Steel.

4303.(50) 3' Sandstone Barn Steel.

4304.(12) 3' Sandstone Barn Steel.

4305.(27) 2' 1" Black Barn Steel.

4306.(50) 10' White Barn Steel.

(Description has been corected)

4307.(41) 8' Copper Penny Barn Steel.

4308.(16) 10' Lt. Gray Barn Steel.

4309.(11) 10' Dk. Gray Barn Steel.
(7) 10' 4" Fascia, Dk. Gray.
(3) 10' 4" Ridge Cap, Dk. Gray.

4310.(23) 10' Dk. Gray Barn Steel.
(1) 10' Dk. Gray J-Channel.
(1) 6" Fascia, Dk. Gray.
(10) 4" Fascia, Dk. Gray.

4311.(10) 10' Lt. Gray Barn Steel.
(1) 10' Inside Corner, Lt. Gray.
(10) 10' Snow Bar, Lt. Gray.
(6) 10' 7" Fascia, Lt. Gray.
(7) 5 1/2" Fascia, Lt. Gray, 10'.

4312.(30) 10' Patriot Red Barn Steel.
(20) 10' Patriot Red J-Channel.

4313.(14) 11' Galv. Barn Steel.
(7) Galv. Gable Trim.

4314.(2) O/H Door 8" Face, Black.
(30) 10' Black Barn Steel.
(1) 10' Eave Trim, Black.

4315.(8) 10' White Barn Steel.
(5) 14' Copper Penny Barn Steel.
(5) 7' Clay Barn Steel.
(14) 15' Burnslate Barn Steel.
(4) 6' Black Barn Steel.
(6) 6' White Barn Steel.

4316.(100) 10' Burnslate Barn Steel.

4317.(99) 10' Ocean Blue Barn Steel.
(1) 10' Blue O/S Corner.

4318.(100) 10' Red Barn Steel.
(3) 10' Red J-Channel.
(1) 14' Red O/S Corner.

4319.(100) Lt. Gray Barn Steel 10’.

4320.(100) 10' Dark Gray Barn Steel.

4321.(100) 10' Black Barn Steel.

4322.(14) 8' Red Barn Steel.

4323.(10) 10' Copper Penny Barn Steel.
(4) 10' Copper Penny J-Channel.

4324.(1) 8' White Side Rail 8'.
(1) 10' Overhead Door Trim, White.
(5) 10' Gable Trim, White.
(6) 10' White J-Channel.
(10) 10' Fascia Eave, White.
(11) 10' White Barn Steel.

4325.(4) 22'.  (4) 21'.  (4) 20'.  (4) 19'.  (4) 18'.  (4) 17'.  (4) 15'.  (34) 11' 5".
(14) 12' 4" Dark Gray Fascia, 7 1/2 Face .
(6) 16' 4" Door Opening Trim, Dark Gray.
Dark Gray Barn Steel. Must be hand loaded bring your own help.

4326.(2) 10' Green W-Valley.
(1) 10' Green Snow Bar.
(28) 22' 1" Green Barn Steel. Must be hand loaded bring your own help.

4327.(14) 1 1/4 Corrugated. Steel Galv 8’.

4328.(2) 16' 4" White Overhead Door 7 1/4 Face.

4329.(20) 11' 11 3/4" Standing Seam, 24 Gauge, Dark Bronze.

4330.11 3/4" Standing Seam,
(28) 19' 6", 24 Gauge, Dark Bronze.

4331.(20) 2' 5".  (11) 8' 3".  (21) 13' Burnslate Standing Seam Clipless Panel.  16" Cover.

4332.(28) 19' 6"  11 3/4 Standing Seam, 24 Gauge, Dark Bronze.

4333.(14) 19' 6"  11 3/4, 24 Gauge Dark Bronze, Standing Seam.

4334.Six green clip less panel 9‘9“ steel roofing.

4335.6 Door Track Cover 10' 4", Gray Color.

4336.(8) 10' 4" Brown Fascia, 8" Face,
(4) 10' 4" Brown Ridge Cap.

4337.(10) 17' Lt. Gray Barn Steel With Fabric On Back Side For Drip Stop.
(5) 10' 4" Snow Bar, Lt. Gray.
(7) 5 1/2" Fascia, Lt. Gray.

4338.3 Sheets 13' Long with Kink
in 7' 4" IN, No Holes.

4339.(2) 14' Green Barn Steel.

4340.(17) 14' 2".  (18) 13'.  (1) 11'.  (1) 8'  Green Barn Steel.

4341.(14) 18'.  (16) 19'  Light Gray Barn Steel.  Been Put On A Roof, Has Screw Holes.

4342.(14) 14' Burnslate Barn Steel.
(1) 10' 4" Burnslate J-Channel.
(1) 10' 4" Burnslate O/S Corn.
(1) 10' 4" Rake Trim, Burnslate.
(1) 10' 4" Ridge Cap, Burnslate.

4343.2-7‘6” and two 6‘6“ white barn steel.

4344.Silver Barn Steel (1) 10'.  (1) 9'.  (1) 8'.  (1) 7'.  (1) 6'.  (2) 3' 6".
(2) 2' 6".  (2) 1. 6".

4345.(2) 22' Approx.  (24) 13' Approx. and Several Various Lengths Clay Barn Steel.  Has Been On Roof, Has Screw Holes.

4346.(21) 7',  (6) 6' 2" Lt. Gray Barn Steel.

4347.(20) 15', (22) 17' Green Barn Steel.
(1) 10' 4" Green O/S Corn.
(1) 10' 4" Green Pitch Change.
(1) 10' 4" Ext Eave, Green.
(1) 10' 4" Base Trim, Green.

4348.Nine 12’ pieces of sand stone barn steel and 15 3 foot pieces with trim.

4349.(2) Door Track Cover White 10'.
(2) 10' White O/S Corners.
(5) 10' White Rake Trim.
(18) 10' F-Channel, White.
(1) 10 1/2 Face White Fascia.
(13) 7" Face White Fascia.
(30) 14' White Barn Steel.

4350.9-23’ 11-18’ 4-11’10” Black barn steel. Must be hand loaded bring your own help.

4351.34-27’ Green barn steel. Must be hand loaded bring your own help.

4352.98-10’ seconds green barn steel.

4353.38-10’ Green barn steel

4354.100-10’ Red barn steel.

4355.27 26”wide x 24”tall steel half rounds.

4550.Rawlings Gold Glove Series Catcher's Mitt HEA 01 (Used).

4551.Ski Goggles, Good Condition.

4552.Coleman Hiking Pouch with Water Bottle, and Coleman Thermos.

4553.4 Boxes of Matches.

4554.Ski Goggles, Good Condition.

4555.12 Rounds of .40 S and W.

4556.Rocket Motorcycle Gloves (2XL).  Good Condition.

4557.Portable Charcoal Grill, Lightly Used.  Fits in Trunk.  Perfect for Camping or Tailgating!

4558.AK 47 Forend Grip.

4559.23 Rounds of .45 Auto.

4560.Motocross Gloves (2XL).

4561.Gun Rack.

4562.15 Rifled 12 Ga. Slugs.

4563.New Kick Board.

4564.Bocce Ball Set and 1 Volleyball.

4565.60 Rounds of .380 Acp.

4566.Men's Nike AJ 3 Retro (Size 10.5).  Worn Approx. Once.

4567.Men's Nike Air Force Shoes (Size 11).  Worn Approx. Once.

4568.Men's Nike Lab Shoes G Series (Size 11M).  Worn Approx. Once.

4569.Men's Nike Air Force Hi Tops (Size 10.5).  Gently Used.

4570.Men's Nike Air Force (Size 10.5), Used.

4571.Men's Nike AF-1 82 Shoes (Size 10.5).  Worn Approx. Once.

4572.50" Hard Gun Case.

4573.(Like New) Ozark Trail Sleeping Bag, 35 Degree Fahrenheit,
77" L x 33".

4574.Coleman Fanny Pack.

4575.(Like New) Sleeping Bag, 70" L.

4576.(Like New) Coleman 50 Degree Sleeping Bag, 75" x 33".

4577.Men's Jordan True Flight Shoes (Size 11).  Gently Used.

4578.Pair of 10 Lb. Bar Bells.

4579.2 Pistol Holsters.

4580.10 Rounds of 27 Pellet Buckshot.

4581.Men's Converse All Star Shoes (Size 11), Used.

4582.(Like New) Ozark Trail 35 Degree Sleeping Bag, 77" L x 33".

4583.(Like New) Adult Life Vest.

4584.Gun Cleaning Supplies.

4585.Gun Targets.

4586.Nice Exacto Knife Kit.

4587.Ammo Box.

4588.Ozark Trail Sleeping Bag, Good for 50 Degree Weather, 75" L.  Like New

4589.7 Adult Life Jackets.

4590.(Like New) Adult S/M Ski Vest.

4591.(New) XX-Large Adult Ski Vest.

4592.Bag of Charcoal.

4593.Barbeque Set.

4594.Sports Bag.

4595.Kahr Pistol Case.

4596.2 Neck Warming Hoods.

4597.43 Rounds of .45 Auto.

4598.2 Detroit Tigers Ball Caps and a New York Yankees Cap.

5000.Queen Size Bed Headboard and Footboard with Frame, Maple, Excellent Condition.  Part of a Matching Set.
Matches Lot # 5001, 5002, and 5003.

5001.Armour, Doors Covering Shelves, 2 Drawers, Maple, Excellent Condition.  Matches Lot #5000, 5002, and 5003.

5002.Ladies Dresser with Mirror, Maple, Good Condition.  Top Needs Little Stain.  Matches Lot #5000, 5001 and 5003.

5003.Night Stand, Maple, Good Condition.
Matches Lot #5000, 5001, and 5002.

5004.New Table/TV Stand with Electric Fireplace Built In has heat and flames.
(59" W x 19" D x 22 1/2" T).

5005.New Padded Chair (Seat Height 26").

5006.Large Whirlpool Refrigerator Freezer, Bottom Drawer, Black, with Ice Maker.  Good Condition.

5007.Use for Coffee Table in Living Room or Accent Piece Bedroom Storage Large Space Drawer (37" W x 27" D x 17" T).

5008.Padded Swivel Side Chair.

5009.Big Joe Bean Bag Chair.

5010.Big Joe Bean Bag Chair.

5011.1 Country Bird House Floor Lamp, Bulb Included.

5013.Desk/Accent Chair.

5014.Folding Chair.

5016.Faux Marble Top Table (48" x 30" x 30" T).

5017.Double Lamp Pole Lamp.

5018.Nice Cafe Table for 6 (54" x 54" x 36" T).  Some Nicks To Surface Of Table and Chairs.

5019.9-Place Wood Cube Storage System with 4 Storage Cubes.  Holds 11" Cubes.  36" W x 12" D x 36" T.

5020.Cute Metal Frame Sofa/Hall Table (48 1/2" x 14 1/2" x 28" T).
Matches Lot #5021.

5021.Cute Metal Frame Plant Stand (10" x 10" x 30" T).
Matches Lot #5020.

5022.Pair of Unique Adjustable Height Round Glass End Tables
(20" Diam.)

5023.Art Furniture King Bed Frame with Pretty Details on Headboard and Footboard.  Matches Lot# 5024, 5025, and 5026.

5024.Art Furniture Chest of Drawers with Pretty Pull Knobs. Lowest Drawer is Cedar Wood.  44" W x 19" D x 60" T.
Matches Lot #5023, 5025, and 5026.

5025.Art Furniture Dresser with Beveled Mirror with Pretty Pull Knobs.  Lowest 2 Drawers are Cedar Wood. Some Surface Wear.  68" W x 20" D x 86" T.
Matches Lot #5023, 5024, and 5026.

5026.Art Furniture Nightstand with Pretty Pull Knobs, Has a Built In Electrical Plug Box in Top Drawer.  Lowest Drawer is Cedar Wood.
Some Surface Wear.  30" W x 18" D x 31" T.
Matches Lot #5023, 5024, and 5025.

5027.Men's Sonoma Vest (Size XL).

5028.Men's Structure Sport 100% Wool Zip-Up Sweater (Size X4).

5029.LRg Roots & Equipment Track Jacket (Men's 4XL, Runs Small).

5030.Table with Drawer, Oak or Maple (25" W), Good Condition.

5031.33" x 47" Picture Frame with Stand.  In Very Good Condition.

5032.Sewing Machine Cabinet.  Can Be Changed Over Into A Nice Student Desk.

5033.Antique Oak Table, Beautiful Condition (28" W x 22" D x 22" T).

5034.Maple Bench (35" L), Excellent Condition.

5035.Table with Magazine/Newspaper Holder, Maple.  Good Condition.

5036.Corner Shelf, Maple.  Excellent Condition.

5037.King Serta Perfect Sleeper Mattress and Box Spring.

5038.Vintage Denby High Letter Sweater with Lots of Pins, 100% Wool.
Approx. Men's Small.

5039.Joe Rocket Dirt Bike Coat (Youth Size XL), Used.

5040.Adidas Pistons Coat (Men's Large).

5041.New Folding Stool with Padded Seat (32" T).

5042.Antique Table, 2 Tier (25" W), Used.  Drawer Has No Front Stop.

5043.Elegant Large Wood Framed Mirror (37" W x 75" T x 2" Thick).

5044.Marmot Men's Waterproof-Insulated Pants (XL), and The Weather Co. Men's Rain Pants (Size 2XL).

5045.Canvas Picture Comerica Park (33" W).

5046.Pretty New Wood Framed Wall Mirror (29 3/4" W x 42 1/2" T).

5047.Vintage Coca-Cola Jacket (Approx. Men's Small).

5048.NFL Detroit Lions Men's Coat (Size XXL).

5049.Men's Columbia Coat with Hood (Size XL).

5050.Inspirational Wall Hanging (37" x 20").

5051.Pretty 3-Piece Canvas Marsh Scene Prints (19" W x 30" T Each). Some scratches see photos.

5052.New Wood Step Stool (27" T).

5053.New Step Stool with Padded Seat (25" T).

5054.Sony Bravia Flat Screen TV with Remote (46" Diagonal).

5055.EBTek Eddie Bauer Men's Coat (Size XL).

5056.Elegant Wall Clock, Plastic (23" Diam.)

5057.Unique 2 Metal Stools (28 1/2" T).

5058.Detroit Lions Jersey #8 Kitna (Men's XL).

5059.Men's A.P.T. Jacket (XL).

5060.Rainbow Vacuum System with Attachments.  Works!

5061.LangLitz Leathers Men's Leather Pants (38 Waist).

5062.Buckmaster Duck Hunting Vest (Men's XL).

5063.Cute Vintage Milk Can with 3 Umbrellas.

5064.Long Leather Trench Coat with Removable Liner (Size XL).

5065.Adjustable Height Cane.

5066.Photo Logic Stabilizing Stick, Adjustable Height.

5067.Cute Night Stand (18 3/4" W x 13 3/4" D x 27 1/2" T).

5068.Cute Night Stand (18 3/4" W x 13 3/4" D x 27 1/2" T).

5069.Detroit Tigers Signed Final Game Print (8 1/2" x 11"), Multiple Player's Signatures.

5070.Detroit Tigers Baseball Signed by Lots of Famous Guys (Ralph Houk), (Al Kaline), (Luke Walker), (Ed Brinkman), (Norm Cash), (Joe Coleman), and Many More, Plus an 18" Bat.

5071.1973 5- Coin Collection.

5072.1974 5- Coin Collection.

5073.Necklace, Silver Chain with Aqua Stone.

5074.Necklace, Silver Tone Braid-Like.

5075.Earrings, Two Tone Ovals.

5076.Necklace, Clear, Pearl, White and Silver Beads.

5077.Rope Necklace with Gold Tone Pendant and Rhinestones.

5078.Necklace, Silver Serpentine Tube with Magnetic Clasp.

5079.Necklace with White Stone on Silver Chain.

5080.Butterfly Necklace.

5081.Necklace, Bee Pendant with Rhinestones.

5082.Necklace, Unusual Silver Pieces.

5083.Silver Tone Marcasite Earrings.

5084.Necklace, 4 Strands of Silver Beads.

5085.Quartz Watch, Fair Condition.

5086.Marcasite Bracelet.

5087.Necklace, Stainless Steel (Milor China) Black and Silver Beads.

5088.Necklace and Bracelet Set, Silver, Gold, and Bronze Beads.

5089.Wrist Watch, Quartz, Ann Klein II.

5090.Necklace, Various Sizes of Beads, Silver Tone.

5091.Multi-Colored Necklace Pendant on Silver Chain.

5092.Snowman Gold Tone and Pearl Earrings.

5093.Silver Earrings, Twisted.

5094.Silver Filigree Earrings.

5095.2 Canes.  Black One Has Adjustable Height.

5096.Wood Baby Rocking Chair, Antique- Over 100 Years Old.  Been in the same family from Lapeer, Michigan.

5097.Wood Baby High Chair, Over 100 Years Old.  Been in the same family from Lapeer, Michigan.

5098.Nice swivel bar stool chair. Seat is 25" tall. Condition New

5099.New padded chair seat height 24 in.

5500.Dresser with Mirror (66 1/2" L x 16 1/2" W x 74" T).  Has an area with surface bubbling.

5501.Adjustable Shower Seat.  Like New (Barely Used).

5502.Pretty TV Table (71" W x 16 1/2" D x 22 1/2" T).

5504.2 Nice Glass End Tables (14" x 12 1/2"), One is 18" T, One is 30" T.

5505.Small Refrigerator Cooler, Works.
21 1/2" W x 25" D x 38" T.

5506.Small Mini Fridge.  Great for Dorm Room or Indiv. Room.  Works Great.  Freezer Door Needs Either Taping Shut or Replacement.

5507.(New) Double Sink Bathroom Vanity, 2 Drawers
(58 1/2" x 21" x 33 1/2" T).

5508.Comfortable Chair, Green Plaid Design with Wood Frame.  Good Condition.

5509.Full/Double Bed Frame with 2 Storage Drawers.
Matches Lot #5510 and 5511.

5510.Cute Dresser (58 1/2" W x 18" D x 32" T).
Matches Lot #5509 and 5511.

Matches Lot #5509 and 5510.

5512.Men's Dresser, Door Covering 3 Shelves On Top, Two Drawers Below.

5513.2 Nightstands (29" W x 18" D x 30" T).  Have Surface Wear, Missing One Knob.

5514.Large Sofa, Hand Lever For Reclining End Seats, Green Green (Leather?).  Very Comfortable, Excellent Condition.

5515.Frigidaire Gas Stove/Oven, Stainless Front, Good Condition, with Gas Hook Up.  Everything Works, Clean Oven, Not Used Much.

5516.Oak Stained Nightstand, 2 Drawers.

5517.Metal Frame Table, Some Slat Damage (22" T x 17" x 17" Top).

5518.Desk, Wood Grain Look, Pull-Out Keyboard Tray, 2 Drawers (1 is a File Drawer).

5519.Kid's Jumping In Place Trampoline with Music (Takes Batteries For The Music).

5520.Franklin Antique Treadle Sewing Machine.

5521.Maxhome Cozy Side Chair (Could Use Cleaned).
Matches Lot #5522 and 5523.

5522.Maxhome Plush Sofa with Long Ottoman (87" Long).  Could Use Cleaned.  Matches Lot #5521 and 5523.

5523.Maxhome Cozy Side Chair.  Could Use Cleaned.
Matches Lot #5521 and 5522.

5524.Metal Trash Can (27" T), Takes Tall Kitchen Bags.

5525.Shelf with Built In Lamp and Second Matching Lamp (10 x 10 x 63" T).

5526.Sealy Split King Dual Adjustable Bed Ease 2.0 with 2 Remotes and  Beauty Rest Recharge Advantage Collection Mattress 

5527.King Padded Headboard and Footboard.

5528.Area Rug (48" x 66").

5529.Area Rug (4' 4" x 6' 5").

5530.Glass Top Table (Opens For More Length).
35 1/2" W x 51" L Closed.
35 1/2" W x 90 1/2" L Opened.

5531.Kid's Junior Drum Set.  Most of it intact, some blemishes, good starter set.  Needs good cleaner for tarnish on symbols, Needs drumsticks, Need to fix foot pedal.

5532.True Brand Pepsi Cooler, Lighted Doors On Both Sides.  Works.
53 1/2" T x 75" W x 25" D.

5533.Hot Rod Garage Shop Stool.

5534.Handmade Sand Blaster with Tips.

5535.Craftsman 3 Chest Tool Box (26" W x 61" T), with Keys.

5536.Pepsi Machine (Works), 62 1/2" H x 25" D x 25" W.

5537.2 Sets of Cross Country Skis, Plus Thinsulate Boots (12" Long).

5538.Cooper Tire Sign (Approx. 4' x 6').

5539.Folding Walker.

5540.Hand Cart Made in Pinnconning Usable base needs work

6000.3-Piece Set of Ridgid Power Tools (1 Impact, 1 Drill, and 1 Worklight).  All Work.  4 Batteries.

6001.Lightly Used Vent Fan (10 1/2" x 11 3/8").

6002.LED Can Light, 5" or 6".

6003.2 LED Deck Lights.  Like New.

6004.(New) Solar LED Flood Light.

6005.(New) LED Flood Light.

6006.(New) 10-Gal. Shop Vac Wet/Dry.

6007.(New) 2.5 Gal. Shop Vac Wet/Dry.

6008.(New) Can Light, 5" or 6".

6009.Adjustable Hard Hat.

6010.(Used) LED Motion Light.  Works.

6011.Shop Vac Air Mover on Wheels.  Works.

6012.(New) Delta 3 Light Vanity Bar.  Opened Box.

6013.(Used) 34" Kobalt Tile Cutter.

6014.2 Cans of Champion Chain Lube Spray Grease.

6015.Dr. Martens Work Boots (Size 12).

6016.Paint Sprayer, 75 Ft. Hose (.27 gpm) 3,000 psi.  Works.

6017.10 Piece T-Handle Hex Key Set (SAE).

6018.Adjustable Hard Hat.

6019.Drill Press.

6020.Corona Kerosene Heater with Manual.  Used Very Little.

6021.5 Gallon Shop Vac.  Works.

6022.Ridgid Pipe Flair Tool.

6023.Air Filter (16" x 25" x 4").

6024.3 Air Filters (20" x 25" x 1").

6025.3 Air Filters (20" x 20" x 1").

6026.(New) Honeywell Thermostat.

6027.2 Sledge Hammers.

6028.(New) 4"x 4" Post Top Light.

6029.Large Spool of Speaker Wire.

6030.Sander (Works).

6031.(New) Light Fixture, 19" x 19" x 21".

6032.24"- 48" Tripod Sprinkler.

6033.Garage Door Seal.

6034.24" Pry Bar.

6035.New Kobalt Tools.

6036.3 Ridgid Power Tool Attachments.

6037.(New) Craftsman 500-Lumin Light with Charger.

6038.Outdoor Motion Light (10" T).  New, Out of Box.

6039.Handheld Vacuum Pump.

6040.(New) 10" Light Fixture.

6041.Adjustable Slip Nut Wrench (New), 1" to 3".

6042.30" Pry Bar.

6043.3 (New) Can Lights.  Fits 5" or 6" Fixtures.

6044.2 Channel Locks.

6045.Husky SAE Allen Wrench Set.

6046.Assorted Drill Bits.

6047.New Cordless Blinds (30" W x 72" T), White.

6048.Drill (Works).

6049.New Toilet Tank (19" L x 13" T).

6050.New Rivet Gun.

6051.2 Channel Locks.

6052.Assorted Tools.

6053.(New) 35" Cordless Shade, White.

6054.(New) Giagni Faucet, Bronze.

6055.Assorted Electrical Supplies.

6056.Wire Snake.

6057.(4) 2" Casters.

6058.Propane Gas Regulator with 6' Hose.

6059.Small Fountain Pump (Works).

6060.Door Knob and Deadbolt Set.

6061.Electric Test Kit.

6062.(New) 10" Light Fixture.

6063.24"- 48" Garden Sprinkler.

6064.(2) 5-Gal. Pail Lid Removal Tools.

6065.2 (New) Partition Mounted Napkin Disposals, 11" x 15 1/2".

6066.New Drawer Handles.

6067.Ridgid 3" Pipe Cutter.

6068.Brass Hammer.

6069.5-Piece Torx Screwdriver Set.

6070.12-Ton Hydraulic Jack.  Works Good, Barely Used.

6071.5" Vise (New, Never Used).

6072.24" LED Strip Light.

6073.New Knee Pads.

6074.(New, Never Used) DeWalt DW660 Cut Out Tool with Manual.

6075.Bathroom Towel and Tissue Paper Holder.

6076.Electric Wire.

6077.Zip Ties, 13" and 7".

6078.Parts, Rock Tumbler.

6079.Assorted Small Needle Nose Pliers and Wire Cutters.

6080.DeWalt DW433 Belt Sander with Manual.  Barely Used.

6081.Right and Left Hand Tin Snips.

6082.24"- 48" Garden Sprinkler.

6083.Paslode F350S Framing Nailer with Case and Owner's Manual.
New, Never Used.

6084.2 Lb. Dead Blow Hammer.

6085.Craftsman Torque Wrench.

6086.10 Craftsman Ratcheting End Wrenches.

6087.C-Clamps (5 Total).

6088.Wagner ProCoat Airless Paint Sprayer (New in Box).

6089.Drill Bit Set (Missing 1/2").

6090.2 DeWalt Bar Clamps (20").

6091.Lights and Tow Strap.

6092.Dead Blow Hammer.

6093.Tools and Fittings.

6094.24"- 48" Garden Sprinkler.

6095.C-Clamps, Small (9 Total).

6096.Hatchet Head.

6097.S-K 1/2" Ratchet (15" L).

6098.1/2" S-K Ratchet (10" L).

6099.Rivet Gun (Like New).

6100.24" Kobalt Bolt Cutters.

6101.4 Ratcheting End Wrenches.

6102.5 S-K Wrenches.

6103.(New) Chainsaw Hard Case.

6104.3 Craftsman Bar Clamps (20").

6105.Super Felt- Felt Under Layer.  Covers 100 Sq. Ft.

6106.Dremel (Works).

6107."Wiss" Shears.  Good Condition.


6109.10-Gallon Shop Vac.  Works.

6110.Saw Blades (Some New), All Different Kinds.

6111.5 Gal. Pail Full of New Screws.

6112.Tractor Tire Chains (12.4 x 28).

6113.Assorted Hardware.

6114.Bosch SDS-Max Rotary Hammer.  Works Good.

6115.Vintage Electric Tools (Work), Hand Tools, Other Items, 1 Plastic Tool Box.

6116.Husky 12" Hardware Storage with Assorted Hardware.

6117.4 Luber Fine Oil Filters LFp-777B.

6118.Fimco 15 Gal. Sprayer, 12V.  Works.

6119.9 Jean Shop Aprons.

6120.Chicago Electric 90 Amp Flux Wire Welder, Includes Face Shield, 10 Contact Tips.  Works Great.

6121.Assorted Tools.

6122.24" Paint Tray with Roller.

6123.Assorted Craftsman Sockets and Ratchets.

6124.Assorted Tools.

6125.Assorted Craftsman Screwdrivers.

6126.2 Sided Box with Assorted trailer Electrical Supplies.

6127.Assorted Tools.

6128.Assorted Tools.

6129.Assorted Tools.

6130.Assorted Tools.

6131.Work Light (Works).

6132.Assorted Hardware.

6133.Three Storage Boxes, One 27 Bin, One 59 Bin, One 13 Bin.
Nails, Nuts, Bolts, Screws, Lots of WD40.

6134.8 Cans of Spray Paint (Mostly Full).

6135.Husky Tool Bag.

6136.Husksy Tool Bag.

6137.1 Bag Tool Belt.

6138.Approx. 25' Extension Cord.

6139.Assorted Wrenches.

6140.Ridgid Tool Bag.

6141.Husky Tool Bag.

6142.Assorted Tools.

6143.Assorted Mud Knives and Trowels.

6144.Large Husky Tool Bag.

6145.1 Electronics Kit.

6146.Approx. 25' Extension Cord.

6147.Assorted Tools.

6148.DeWalt Angle Grinder.  Works.

6149.Approx. 25' Extension Cord.

6150.Husky Tool Bag.

6151.5 Gal. Pail Tool Bag Insert.

6152.(4) 2" Spring Clamps.

6153.7 Craftsman Wrenches.

6154.Assorted Tools.

6155.Assorted Hardware.

6156.Motorcraft Heat Gun Kit.  Works.

6157.Assorted Tools.

6158.Ryobi Router with Bits.  Works.

6159.ISI Magnum 2216 PSI SCBA (Self Contained Breathing Apparatus), 30 Min Air Supply, with 1 Extra Bottle.  Works Well (May Need New Batteries).

6160.Approx. 25' Extension Cord.

6161.Briggs & Stratton 1700 PSI Pressure Washer (New in Box).

6162.Large Dog Kennel with Pad (42" x 28" x 28"), Folds Flat.

6163.Garden Tools, 1 Old Fashion Grub Hoe, 1 Garden Klaw.

6164.Patio Umbrella (Like New).

6165.Snap-On Creeper.  Works Great.

6166.Wall Mount Hose Reel.

6167.Hose Reel (Like New).

6168.28 Gal. Tote.

6169.2 Tiki Torches (28" T).

6170.X-Large Dog Crate.

6171.Lawn Chair.

6172.Kennel (48" L x 30" W x 33" H).  Like New Condition.

6173.Sky Light and Flashing (Kenergy), 22 1/2" x 40 1/2".

6174.(New) Oversized Chair Cover.

6175.24"- 48" Garden Sprinkler.

6176.Tool Belt.

6177.(2) 12" Flat Bars.

6178.8 Tent Stakes.

6179.2 Outdoor Seat Cushions (15" Diam.)

6180.2 Sprinklers.

6181.Fulton 5000 Lb. Cap. Trailer Tongue Lift with Wheel.

6182.Angle Grinder (Works).

6183.2' x 2' Florescent Light Fixture with Bulb.  Works When Plugged In To Wall Outlet.  10' Cord.

6184.(New) Oversized Chair Cover.

6185.24"- 48" Garden Sprinkler.

6186.Set of Wheel Chocks.

6187.New 4' x 12" Shelf with Hardware.

6188.Jumper Cables.

6189.Ratcheting Load Bar, 36" to 72" L.

6190.Acetylene Torch Kit, #1,3, and 4 Size Tips.  Works, Comes with Tank Key, 105 Watt Soldering Gun.  Great Shape, Used 3 or 4 Times.

6191.Ridgid Water Pump, 50 gph.  Works.

6192.2 Bike Hanging Hooks.

6193.2' x 2' Florescent Light Fixture with Bulb.  Works When Plugged In To Wall Outlet, 5' Cord.

6194.(New) Roller Shade, 18" L.

6195.Soaker Hoses, Approx. 50 Ft.

6196.Approx. 50' Extension Cord.

6197.Under Cabinet/Over Stove Kenmore Microwave, Large Size.  Works Great.  Includes Metal Hanging Frame.

6198.Bag of Gloves (Brown Jersey and Leather).

6199.2 Boxes Electrical Radios and Other Items.  Working Condition Unknown.

6200.2 Totes.

6201.Assorted Craftsman Screwdrivers.

6202.Approx. 50' Extension Cord.

6203.Assorted Tools.

6204.28' and 24' of Corded Rope.

6205.Assorted Power Strips and Extension Cords.

6206.Assorted Screwdrivers.

6207.ISA Viking 2216 PSI SCB (Self Contained Breathing Apparatus), 30 Min. Bottles, Works Well, with Extra Bottle.  May Need New Batteries.

6208.Senco 14.4V Router and Drywall Screw Gun.  Works.

6209.5-4’ Edging new.

7000.Large Mirror.  Excellent Condition.

7001.1 Single Bar Stool.

7002.Roll Top Desk, Has Lock and Keys, Keyboard Pull Out.

7003.2-Drawer File Cabinet.

7004.2200 PSI Gas Pressure Washer.  Used in May 2019.

7005.2 Vintage Side Tables.

7006.Upright Dresser, 5 Drawers (36" W x 48" T x 18" D).  Has Some Surface Wear.

7007.Small Upright Dresser, 4 Drawer (40" T x 26" W x 16" D).  Has Surface Wear.

7008.2-Drawer Nightstand (22" T x 24" W x 16" D).  Has Some Surface Wear.

7009.Matching Maple End Tables.  Good Condition.

7010.Kerosene Heater, Works, In Good Used Condition.

7011.Small Table With Heart Carvings, Unfinished.  Good Condition.

7012.Bath Bench.

7013.DP Fit For Life 6200 Gympac.

7014.2-Drawer Nightstand (24" T x 26" W x 17" D).  Has Some Surface Wear.

7015.3-Shelf Large TV Stand, Glass.

7016.Vintage Table with 2 Leaves and 3 Chairs.

7017.Steel Rack (69" T).

7018.5 Chairs.

7019.Popcorn Popper (26" W x 20" D x 36" T), 110V.  Tested Works.

7020.Lincoln Electric AC-225-5 Solid Shop Welder.  Works Great.

7021.Small Rolling Stand (30" L x 18" W x 26" T).

7022.Whirlpool Dishwasher, Black.  Works Great!

7023."Baby Trend" Baby Stroller.

7024."Chicco" Baby Stroller.

7025."Safety First" Baby Stroller.

7026.Easy Unloader (Used in '90 Ford Pickup.

7027.Dog Kennel (24" x 18" x 22").

7028.Olympic Max White Deck Paint, Resurfacer, Primer, Sealant, Approx. 3 Gallons Valued At More Than $150.
5 Gallons 1-K Kerosene (About 1 Year Old).

7029.14-Gal. Huskee Lawn Sprayer, 36" Boom.  Clean, Well Kept, 10 Years Old, Works.

7030.Metal Plant Stand (34" H x 30" L x 9" W), For Long Container.

7031.Ohio Fabricator Broadcast Spreader.  Clean, Decent, Works Good.

7032.Craftsman Wood Lathe and Tools.  Works.

7033.20" Green Brier Drop Spreader, Old, Heavy Duty, Good Shape.
Works Great.

7034.110V Belt Sander and Disc Sander.  Runs Great, 4 Extra Belts.

7035.SunJoe Electric Blower-Vacuum-Mulcher 3-In-1 Yard Machine.  Cleans Yard, Driveway, Deck.  Mulches Grass Clippings  Leaves to 1/10 Size.  Easy Removable Collection Bag.

7036.Pull Behind Seed and Fertilizer Spreader.  Works, Like New.

7037.Display Rack (36" W x 53" T).

7038.Weight Bench and Weights (Two 10 Lb.), (Two 15 Lb.),
and (Two 25 Lb.)

7039.VitaMaster Weight/Workout Bench.

7040.Antique School Desk from Sanilac Co.

7041.Antique School Desk from Sanilac Co.

7042.Double Aluminum Wash Tub (Legs Need Bracing).

7043.Kitchen Stand (23" W x 12" D x 36" T).

7044.2 Wooden Carts on Wheels (30" W x 49" L).

7045.Huge Dog Kennel (42" D x 28" H x 28" W).

7046.3 Vintage 5-Panel Wood Doors.
1 Vintage Door Frame.

7047.Beautiful New Hardwood Flooring. 160 Sq. Feet in 8 unopened boxes (20 sq. feet each). 3/4" x 3' 1/4" x 12"-84" Random Lengths. Select or Better Canadian Hard Maple in Natural Color and Semi Gloss Finish. Paid $5.00 per sq. foot. Retail Value for the lot approx. $800.00

7048.Dayton Natural Gas Overhead Heater. Worked when removed.

7049.4 Lawn Chairs.

7050.Hotdog roller condition unknown 220v 36”W x28”L.

7051.Exercise bike.

7052.Four rollup blinds missing mounting hardware.

7053.Assorted trim pieces.

11000.PAYMENT: Cash or Michigan *Check w/ Driver's License. Visa/Mastercard. No credit/Debit cards accepted on amounts under $10.00 Or over $2,000.00. No checks over $500.00 unless known by the auction company. Please note Their is a 3% transaction fee added to all credit and debit card transactions. Please call the office to verify check approval. No Out of State Checks!

11001.BUYER'S PREMIUM: A 10% BUYER'S PREMIUM will be applied to All Winning Bids and will be added to the invoice at auction close. (Example: If you bid $10.00 on an item your final cost will be $11.00), plus 6% Sales Tax (Farm Use and Sales Tax Exempt will need to fill out an Exemption Form).

11002.BIDDING EXTENSIONS: Bidding will be extended for an additional 3 minutes if there is active bidding within the last 3 minutes before an items scheduled close time.

11003.GROUP EXTENSIONS: Group extension feature will work together with the bidding extension feature so that bidding will be extended on all items contained in a given group (Example: Group1, Group2 ) if any item in that group is subject to a bid extension.
This allows you to watch all items in a group knowing that if any item in that group still has active bidding, the whole group will remain open and bidding will be able to continue on any of the items in the group.


Wednesday October 23rd from 12 P.M. to 6 P.M. &
Thursday October 24th from 12 to 5 P.M.

PICKUP AND CHECKOUT DATES: Friday October  25th   between 10 A.M. and 6 P.M. & Saturday October 26th between 10 A.M. and 2 P.M..

NOTE: Items Not Picked Up During the Specified Times Will result in bidding privileges being suspended and Will be Charged a Storage/Handling Fee.

Unless prior arrangements have been made items for witch payment has not been received or have not been picked up during scheduled pickup days will incur a $5.00 per day storage fee per lot. in addition after 5 days following auction end the buyers items will be considered abandoned and will be disposed of or re-lotted at Lotter Auction Services or sellers sole discretion. buyer will be still responsible for all storage fees and original purchase price.
If you do not intend to pickup in a timely manner please do not bid.


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11007.All items are sold "as is, where is" with NO WARRANTY expressed or implied. It is the responsibility of the buyer to determine the condition of the items and bid accordingly.
All sales are final. No refunds.
By bidding on any item, the bidder shows acceptance of the terms of this auction. Do not bid unless you agree to all of the terms and conditions.

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